We won Cosmoprof Award for second consecutive years

2019.05.14 お知らせ

“wabuki” that is one of the series of “warew” brand that is the aging care brand that reaches it’s summit of Japanese aesthetics has won 2 consecutive years at “Cosmoprof Awards 2019”.

From 2018, as for the 2nd consecutive years, We exhibited to the “extraordinary gallery” of “Cosmoprof Bologna” that is

only permitted to the renovative brand, having purpose of progressing “Made in Japan” brand to the global market.

We have introduced “wabuki” with post biotics with multi layer cationic liposome or freeze dried agents encapsuled by vesicles that we have newly developed at Cosmoprof Bologna.

We have applied prototype using innovative raw ingredients and formulation technology and won the 1st prize in personal care group among 608 products, enabling to accomplish continue winning from SUSSH from last year. Our company will tackle towards the innovative product development towards the future creating customer with joy.

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