Marine derived yeast cultured water for photoaging skin care

2019.11.12 お知らせ

We prepared “Marine derived yeast cultured water” a water with evidence to correspond to the needs of functional cosmetics.

Although there are ingredients culturing yeast such as “rice”, ”beans” and “wine” in the market,
we are developing cosmetic raw ingredients focusing on ocean that is fulfilled with minerals ever since the foundation of our company and found a new cosmetic ingredients ”Marine yeast” off the coast of Yoron island.

Ingredient was born that extracts the “Skin self activation to make yourself beautiful by originally culturing in order to include this yeast to the base formulation that is the “Marine derived yeast cultured water” that no other but only one ingredient that has the aging care effect.

There are 5 types of evidence for “marine derived yeast cultured water”.

  1.  Collagenase activity inhibitory effect《Wrinkle・Sagging》
  2.  Hyaluronic acid production promotion effect《Moisture》
  3.  Fibroblast activation effect《Aging care》
  4.  Hydrogen peroxide elimination effect《Aging care》
  5.  Collagen gel shrinking effect《Resilient・Tightening》

All of these evidence are appropriate for photo aging care.

Conditions the barrier functions in order to effect to the skin damaged by the hydrogen peroxide make it less susceptible to damage. Needless to say the full order of OEM to semi order of 500 pcs. perfectly suitable for test marketing.

Possible to correspond to wide variety of quantity from 24 bottles that is recommended for shops that could be possible to be purchased and delivered.

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