Q Can we ask for the selection・design of packagings or package?
A It is possible to propose according to your request since we partner with numerous material manufacturers.
Q What is the lead time?
A The first time would take a minimum of 6 months since we have prototypes, various tests and material selection.
Please consider the repeat order to be about 45 days.
Q Can we have factory tour?
A Yes possible if we can have contact beforehand.
Q What is the minimum ordering quantity (MOQ) ?
A Basically we would like to have minimum of 3,000 pcs. but please give us a contact since it differs by type of bulk and container.
Q Would it be possible to provide us the samples In case we supply the raw ingredients?
A It is possible to create the sample if there is a raw ingredients with the registered indication of the cosmetics.
Please give us a call if you do not have the raw ingredients without the registration.
Q Is it possible to make the samples adapting to the bench marks?
A Yes , possible. We will make the samples if you are able to prepare the product of the bench mark.
Q Is it possible to develop the product even in the far away places?
A We will productionize by thoroughly communicating with each other repeatedly. Please feel free to request us since we are able to deliver the samples.
Q Would it be possible to supply the plants since we would like to ask for the raw ingredients development?
A Yes possible to supply. Basically we ask under the drying materials or freezed condition. Please contact us when supplying under fresh condition.
Q We would like to ask the raw ingredients to be nano. Is it possible to correspond?
A Please inform us the precise information of raw ingredients since we need to consider the possibility of processing or methods.