Flow of OEM

Business meetingBusiness meeting

In order to create products that is loved by many end users, It is important “How to appeal” the “Product with originality” with “Appropriate cost adapting to distribution channel”. We will propose according to your wishes such as distribution channel and target segment. We will also propose product stories and concepts, so please feel free to leave it to us.

Proposing the prototype productProposing the
prototype product

We will develop formulation based on the customer’s request. We will propose prototypes and then customers will evaluate the texture, odor and in use together with the ingredient chart. We will improve until acquiring consent of customers. If adjustments are needed, we will continue to make improvements until you are satisfied. Around this time, we will propose packagings packages, and designs that increase the added value of products according to customer needs, such as sales channels, selling prices, and budgets.

Deciding the specificationDeciding the specification

We will propose the official quotation as soon as the final specification like formulation and materials are determined.

Various tests / Applying for the pharmaceutical affairsVarious tests / Applying for the pharmaceutical affairs

We will conduct test regarding the quality of products such as stability test under the formulation at the time of development compatibility test to confirm the adaptability of selected container and bulk. We will order the materials and products after qualifying each tests then proceed to container and packaging design. Please feel at ease even if it is your first cosmetic designing since our company will support the labeling related to the “Pharmaceutical Affairs Law” and “Act against unjustifiable premiums and misleading presentations”


We will produce according to the next flow of “Weighing・compounding” → “ Filling” → “Packaging” →”Testing” → “Delivering” as soon as the raw ingredients and materials are prepared. The products will be severely tested ・ inspected whether it does not have problems.


We will deliver the qualified products that has passed the inspection before delivery to the domestically designated point. We would like to hear customer’s voice after on the market. Needless to say the repeated order, we will widely support after delivery such as plan for renewal and addition of items.